Yeah! to Clean Air is a new initiative that has been created by Smart Journeys, Alconbury Weald’s sustainable travel plan coordinators.

It aims to help combat air pollution by improving air quality around the school, reducing congestion and increasing pupils’ physical activity, through walking and cycling, improving their health and wellbeing.

The concept makes the school run fun by rewarding families who make sustainable and active journey choices. Each participating family will be given a unique card or fob, which they scan at locations on route to school. These journeys will be converted into points and awarded to the school as prizes. The more sustainable journey choices made, the more prizes the school will have to giveaway.

The initiative, which is supported by Ermine Street Church Academy and launches on 25 April, comes complete with its own mascot – Buster the Dog (aka Carbon Buster). He will help bring the scheme to life through animation and other materials, teaching children about the impact of climate change and how our everyday actions can make a difference.

Watch a short video on how Yeah! to Clean Air works here.

Rachel Arnold from Urban&Civic said: “Alconbury Weald has been designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, with a network of safe footpaths and cycleways linking homes to the primary school.

“This new initiative has been designed to make the school run fun by encouraging the use of healthier modes of transport that help keep our air clean. With educational messaging to inspire and motivate cleaner air choices when travelling to school, we hope families of children at Ermine Street Church Academy will enjoy taking part in this pilot scheme.”

If you have any queries about Yeah! to Clean Air, please email