Visit the cycle paths at Alconbury Weald

Welcome to Alconbury Weald

Alconbury Weald offers great opportunities, from settling into a fine and beautifully crafted new home to growing a business with a great quality of worklife.

Alconbury Weald is a place that puts nature, heritage and community at its heart, and brings them right to your doorstep. Whether it's stretching your legs on your lunch break or the intricately designed play spaces for your children to let off some steam, Alconbury Weald has got you covered.

Alconbury Weald is fast taking shape

Over the next 15 - 20 years, Alconbury Weald will deliver new homes, employment, green space, education, transport links and amenities for the community to enjoy.



new homes






employment space

The masterdeveloper approach

It is being developed in phases by owner and masterdeveloper Urban&Civic, over the next 20 years. Urban&Civic plan, design and deliver the core infrastructure which supports the development, public spaces and amenities, parks and play spaces and the delivery of the Enterprise Campus. Urban&Civic then hand pick trusted housebuilder partners to deliver homes within key areas of the development, working within core quality, design and sustainability standards. This approach ensures future residents can choose from over 70 house types and styles to pick the style or location that best works for them within the unfolding development.

Urban&Civic are the UK’s leading masterdeveloper, and has a strong presence in Cambridgeshire, where it is leading four strategic developments. Alongside the project and development teams, Urban&Civic’s Communities team work with the new communities and their neighbours to support individual residents to move in and set down roots, and to help support the new community to grow well and sustainably.