Work life balance


A working, living and leisure community

Responding to employers’ and employees’ desires to have more than just a location to spend the 9-5, Alconbury Weald combines a working, living and leisure community to help businesses and their teams prosper. 
Alconbury Weald Campus is designed to support a healthy, exciting and enjoyable experience with cycle and walking routes linking to green spaces, sports pitches, a gym, local shops, café and bistro and lots of other community facilities and activities.

From morning to night

You can pop to Bohemia to enjoy a coffee and meet with friends or colleagues. Pick up your weekly shop or meal deal from one of our local shops. Why not try out the selection of weekly food trucks on the school plaza after work.

Ways to stay active at work

You can easily build exercise into your day and reap the health benefits here at Alconbury Weald. Short breaks, lunchtime breaks and longer breaks, have all been shown to have a positive relationship with wellbeing and productivity.



of exercise 5 times a week is recommended for adults



per week, outside is important for health and wellbeing



of walking routes are ready for you to enjoy at Alconbury Weald

Explore all that's on offer

Alconbury Weald is a place that has been designed with your health and well-being in mind. You can explore the walking routes during your lunch breaks, which are perfect for a quick stroll.

Swynford Park, has a multi use games area for tennis, netball, and basketball. The perfect location to enjoy a game after work. Additionally, Garland Park features table tennis tables that are available for use during your lunch break, or check out Alconbury Weald's very own gym, run by The Unit Fitness (TUF).