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Supporting enterprise and innovation

Alconbury Weald has been designed to offer a range of spaces and buildings which deliver the vision for the place, supporting enterprise and innovation, growing the new mid tech cluster that needs office, R&D and 'make space', providing larger bespoke buildings and headquarters opportunities to drive inward investment in Huntingdonshire and the wider area.

Bespoke builds

If you need a really special building – to make a statement, or to undertake advanced industry - then Alconbury Weald is the place for you. The Campus can provide fully-serviced plots, with a variety of sizes, and locations and access to meet your needs: including separation of front and HGV access; connection to key cycle, walking and bus routes wherever you are based on site; and proximity to amenities and facilities as well as green space and parks. 

The development team can also provide specialist design, technical support, and build options, as well as flexible financial deals that meet your business requirements.

AM Fresh completed on a Land Sale purchase at Alconbury Weald in December 2021, and recently completed a 306,000 sq ft facility.

A flexible approach from Urban&Civic to meet our requirements really helped us to secure and design the building which we wanted. Our respective contractors have worked closely and collaboratively, a fast-paced programme has been met in difficult times. This is our second building at Alconbury Weald Enterprise Campus.


Paul Davis - Responsible for the delivery of the AM Fresh facility

Mid tech bespoke build

Alconbury Weald has innovated designs for mid tech buildings which enable co-location of office,  research and development space and manufacturing and customer support, providing modern and bespoke facilities in a location which supports a healthy and sustainable environment for your workforce.

A bespoke build at Alconbury Weald Enterprise Campus

Make Alconbury Weald Enterprise Campus your home

For more information or to discuss how Alconbury Weald could be the setting for the next chapter of your business, please contact:

Eddisons - Ben Green 01223 467155 / 07825 309599

Savills - William Rose 01733 201391 / 07870 999566

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