Following the installation of the full scheme of environmental enhancements and traffic calming along Ermine Street in 2018, there have been a number of issues and concerns raised to the Parish Council, County Council and Urban&Civic. These have coincided with the formal post-implementation safety review that the County Council carry out, which recommended additional signage to be added along the scheme.

A Parish Council Working Group, the County Council Highways Safety Team and Urban&Civic have been in discussion to find the right balance, to ensure new signage is positioned in the right place, with the right wording, and in keeping with the village environment. At the same time, the Parish Council has progressed with Urban&Civic an amendment to the original design, where four of the existing speed cushions – which have caused some complaints – will be replaced by raised tables that span the full width of the road.

Other works include:

· Two (uncontrolled) pedestrian crossings – tactile paving on either side to aid the visually impaired

· Gateway Features at the start and end of each village

· Signs to prevent turning down Church Road

· New 40 mph speed limit from Huntingdon and 30mph from Green End.

Tim Close, a Parish Councillor on the Working Group, said: “Following completion of the initial changes, the Stukeleys Parish Council (SPC) received several complaints regarding the remodelled junctions either end of Church Way and Mill Road, some from those that live in the villages and others from those that use Ermine Street to access areas beyond. Accidents and near misses have been witnessed, reported and occurred on several occasions, thankfully with no serious injuries.

“Working through these points with the County Road Safety Team and the design team at Urban&Civic, SPC feel we now have the right plans in place to address these problems and look forward to seeing them put in place during the Spring and that these alterations will promote greater use of the A1307.”

As this is additional work to the original design, the Parish Council is paying for these additional improvements.

Rebecca Britton, from Urban&Civic added: “We know this has been a long haul to get to this point, but with the safety recommendations and all of the feedback received from the village, we hope that these additional measures will ensure that the scheme achieves its main aim, which is to give the village roads back to residents – prioritising their journeys; discouraging people from choosing it as a through route; and if they do, making sure they go slower and are respectful of the villages.

“With the completion of the works to the A14, and the development of the A1307 as the local route to Huntingdon and Cambridge, and with the plans coming forward for the Southern Gateway from Alconbury Weald directly on to the A141, we hope that the villages will at last have a village road back, and protection from too much through traffic.”

The works are scheduled to take place in May and June, and are currently scheduled to start in Great Stukeley, then move onto Little Stukeley.  A detailed programme will be shared in advance through the parish newsletter and the next edition of MakeNews, the Alconbury Weald newsletter.

For the full technical details of the works please follow the links below:

Great Stukeley enhancements

Little Stukeley enhancements

Table top locations through the Stukeleys

New speed limits