The Club hosted the latest exhibition about the Education Campus (14-20 September), which will be coming forward as part of the next stage of Alconbury Weald. Morgan Sindall, who are leading the delivery of the secondary school and special school that will make up the Campus, presented the plans on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council. The Campus has been designed in line with the Design Code and masterplan for the wider development and alongside the Urban&Civic design team.

There was a good turnout for the exhibition, with residents taking the opportunity to find out more and chat through the proposals with members of the project team. Anyone who missed the exhibition can still view the plans and leave comments online at

The Education Campus exhibition includes plans for Alconbury Weald Church Academy – run by the Diocese of Ely Multi Academy Trust who run the first Primary School at Alconbury Weald - and Prestley Wood Academy Special School, which will be run by the same Trust that runs the Outstanding Spring Common Academy in Huntingdon.

The exhibition sets out detailed floor plans of facilities at the secondary school including the Sports Hall and pitches, Performing Arts Centre and the main teaching areas, which will be delivered in three phases as the numbers at the school grow. Prestley Wood Academy will also have a purpose-built autism provision attached to the school as part of an inclusive community special school.

Rebecca Britton said: “The Education Campus lies at the heart of the next part of development and has been designed to be at the centre of the whole of Alconbury Weald. Not only is education a fundamental part of the DNA of this new community, but the new facilities coming forward provide great potential for community activities, events and lifelong learning.

“We are really excited to see these plans coming forward and continue to work with Morgan Sindall and the County Council to deliver a Campus which will provide an inspiring place for all to learn.”