Huntingdonshire Community Group COVID-19 Response Team have thanked the Alconbury Weald team for funding which allowed them to purchase gifts for all elderly residents of Medway Court, Huntingdon as well as children in need in the community.

The group's founder Councillor Patrick Kadewere said: "Due to the pandemic unfortunately the regular communal Christmas lunch and activities at Medway Court had to be cancelled this year, so we hope that the gifts we were able to provide them, thanks to funding from Urban&Civic will cheer the residents up in these difficult times.

The Mayor of Huntingdon, Councillor Karl Webb helped to distribute the gifts to residents.

Natalie Leigh-Brown, Community Development Officer at Alconbury Weald for Urban & Civic, said: "We are so pleased to be able to support this important local community group. The work Huntingdonshire Community Group are doing resonates with us as we aim to build and strengthen the community at Alconbury Weald, especially when unity within communities is more important than ever."