Over 500 students from local schools in Huntingdonshire were inspired by the diverse array of businesses and further education providers that attended EDGE’s Careers Fair this year to showcase the exciting range of careers available in the region and explain the skills and qualifications needed to access them.

This year EDGE’s Careers Fair took place at Alconbury Enterprise Campus, with students encouraged to explore the different stands located in zones at The Club, iMET and the newly refurbished Watch Office.  Exhibitors brought interactive activities - from games and demonstrations to virtual reality headsets and a car - to help engage the students and help them understand some of the career opportunities available.

A wide variety of sectors were represented at this year’s event and students were able to find out about careers in the Council, law, leisure, science, technology, design, manufacturing, the built environment, emergency services, armed forces and care/medicine.

Victoria Denny-Morley, EDGE Co-ordinator and Skills Lead for Urban&Civic, said: “We were delighted to host this year’s Careers Fair at Alconbury Enterprise Campus. We had really positive feedback from students and teachers and hope the modern, innovative and refurbished buildings that hosted the different career zones helped inspire the students to find out more about the wide variety of jobs available in construction as well as other industries in the area.”

Morris Homes sponsored the coaches to take the students to/from the Careers Fair and HR Manager Kate Passant said: “We’re very proud to work with our valued partners Urban&Civic and sponsor this fantastic event. The built environment is an exciting industry to work in, with a wide variety of roles and opportunities. Educating younger generations about the world of construction will help grow and sustain the future workforce and provide valuable and rewarding careers.”

The annual Careers Fair is just one part of EDGE’s ongoing engagement between schools and businesses, to help equip the next generation with the skills they need and ensure a talented pipeline of future employees for businesses in the region to help companies and the economy to grow.

If your business would be interested in exhibiting at EDGE’s Careers Fair next year, email Alconbury@urbanandcivic.com to register an interest.