Alconbury Weald residents treated to stage fighting workshop

  • 10.05.2024
Shakespeare at the Club

In preparation for its 2024 production of Hamlet, Shakespeare at The George (SatG) held a fencing workshop at Alconbury Weald to help build the cast’s skills and develop the choreography for the sword fighting scenes in the play.

The workshop, led by Tom Jordan, professional fight choreographer and Royal Shakespeare Company associate practitioner, put the cast through their paces and taught them a sword fighting scene that will be used in the play.

Following the masterclass, local residents were given the opportunity to take up the swords and put into practice what they had learned during the workshop, with a budding Errol Flynn among them!

“We thoroughly enjoyed the fight workshop. It was fascinating to see how much planning and rehearsal has to go into
even the simplest-looking sequence.”

Jerry - One of the residents who took part

“Urban&Civic has an ongoing partnership with Shakespeare at the George and we’re one of their main sponsors again this year. We were delighted SatG chose to hold one of their practice sessions at Alconbury Weald as the workshop was fascinating. It was a privilege to have this behind-the-scenes glimpse to see how they make the sword fighting look so real, while ensuring no one gets hurt. I’m looking forward to seeing the choreographed scene in the production at The George this summer.”

Natalie Leigh-Brown - Communities Development for Alconbury Weald
Shakespeare at the Club

SatG will be performing Hamlet from Tuesday 25 June to Saturday 6 July at The George in Huntingdon. This will be last opportunity to see SatG perform at this
venue as, after 65 years in residency, they will be looking for a new home.

For more information about SatG and to book tickets for Hamlet, go to

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