The latest edition of the Alconbury Weald newsletter – Make/News – is being distributed to residents in Alconbury Weald and the surrounding communities to keep them up to date with all the latest development and community news at The Weald.

Despite the challenges presented by Coronavirus and the Government restrictions to help reduce the spread of the virus, Alconbury Weald continues to flourish and the newsletter includes information on new community facilities coming forward, Key Phase 1 extension - which will deliver the next 1,000 homes and the Education Campus with a new secondary school and special school - and the start of Phase 2, Grange Farm North.

The newsletter includes updates on transport and infrastructure, new homes, education and Alconbury Enterprise Campus as well as jobs and skills.  It also features some of the community highlights from 2020 – including socially distanced events and activities, VE Day celebrations, competitions and online resources.

Rebecca Britton, Communities and Partnerships for Urban&Civic, said:

“This is a bit of a bumper edition, as there is a lot going on at the moment: both in delivery, with planning applications going in, and in starting to evolve the next phase of Alconbury Weald. It is more important than ever to keep people informed about what is coming forward at Alconbury Weald, and to ensure we continue to engage our residents and neighbouring communities in helping to shape the development as it is rolled out.”

Click here to download and enjoy the Winter 2020/21 newsletter.