Early preparation work has started on the Southern Gateway to Alconbury Weald, which will connect the development directly to the A141 and allow early delivery of the Country Park. The new access road will provide residents, visitors and businesses with purpose-built cycle and walking routes as well as quicker bus connections into town.

The Southern Gateway access, a single carriageway link road with a T-junction connecting it with the A141, will work with future investment planned for the A141. The design was approved by the County Council team in 2021 following a detailed review.

Early clearance work is taking place this month to prepare the area for the construction of the new road. Work will involve the partial removal of two hedges along the A141 and a group of low quality trees, which will be carried out before bird nesting season starts.

Twice as much new hedgerow will be planted alongside over 300 trees to replace what needs to be removed to enable the construction of the new access road. Logs, bark and branches from the hedgerow removed will be repurposed to create homes for wildlife and maintain biodiversity in the area.

Rachel Arnold from Urban&Civic said: “The Southern Gateway access road is an important milestone for Alconbury Weald. It will help increase connectivity with the wider area, divert through traffic away from surrounding villages like The Stukeleys and provide access to the new country park.

“Although construction work on the access road isn’t due to start until the Summer, we need to carry out the initial site clearance now or we would have to wait until the Autumn, after bird nesting season, which would delay the whole programme of works.

“We’ll provide an update in the Summer, when construction work is due to start, and provide details of working hours and any anticipated disruption to users of the A141, which we aim to keep to a minimum.”

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