Good neighbours

Good neighbours

As the owner and developer of Alconbury Weald we are committed to being a good neighbour both now and in the future. The amount of development that we are applying for will take around 20 years to build out. Throughout the construction period we will put in place a range of controls to reduce the impact on people that already live and work in the area as well as those that choose to make Alconbury Weald their home or place of work.

These include:
• Actions to limit and monitor noise and dust
• Agreed hours of working
• Specific routes and times for construction traffic
• Speedy and effective response to complaints
• Implementation of the considerate contractors scheme.

All of these will be enforced through contractual arrangements.

We are committed to ensuring that Alconbury Weald is a great place to live and work and to maintain the high quality, low carbon vision for this special place – from the first tree planted to the last brick laid, both during construction, and for the decades to come. We will be protecting all of the investments we have made in the site and the local area with clear long term sustainable management systems. These will:

• Ensure design and build quality in partnership with Huntingdonshire District Council
• Maintain the public realm – from green spaces and public art to community buildings and facilities
• Support on site community activities
• Deliver services to business and residential occupiers
• Ensure we deliver on our commitments to neighbouring communities to minimise the impact and maximise the benefits of this development to the wider area.

We continue to work with the surrounding Parish Councils to monitor this approach, and use the Joint Parish Council Liaison Group as a forum for review and sharing of issues.