Huntingdon First launches website


Huntingdon First, the name of BID Huntingdon, has launched their new website brimming with extensive and informative content for residents and visitors, and the many businesses within the BID area.

“This is our main promotional tool for Huntingdon as a destination,” explains Katy Sismore, BID Huntingdon Manager. “Under our branding of Huntingdon First, the website has three distinct areas: one for residents and visitors, another for businesses and the final area for information about BID Huntingdon.”

Visitors can quickly and easily navigate their way to find information about shopping, dining and drinking in the town as well as events, markets and places to visit and stay.

Businesses now have a direct window to the world where they can include their company in the Business Directory, add their own events to the diary as well as submit news stories and promotional offers.

“We worked closely with the businesses to give them a website that evolves for them and is anything but static,” continues Katy Sismore. “As part of the BID promise, we have delivered the opportunity to profile their business and all that Huntingdon has to offer.”

Huntingdon-based web design company, web2market, a business within the BID area, designed the website with the BID Huntingdon team writing and providing all content and images. The website is backed by WordPress so the team has control over updating the pages and promoting the town and its businesses quickly and effectively.

The website will continue to evolve and update with the next step being to introduce as many businesses as possible to social media, including Facebook, in order to give another ‘shop window’ for them to display their goods.

For further information, contact Katy Sismore on 01480 450250 or email